General Information
Intimacy Level Friends (With a Love-Hate thing With Each other)
Started Friendship My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie

Barah(Benny/Sarah) is the romantic pairing of Benny and Sarah. This pairing is unlikely considering that Ethan has a crush on Sarah, Benny has feelings for Erica, Della, and a lot of other girls, and Benny is Ethan's very best friend. Of course none of these facts deter Benny from expressing attraction towards Sarah...Particularly when she's been possessed or evil, making her seem "hotter" to him. But overall, it definitely wouldn't be a smart idea for Benny to date her, as Sarah shows practically no interest in him whatsoever. 

This ship currently rivals. Bennica, Etharah, Rarah, Bella, Benthan, Ronny, Besse, Sarica, and Jarah.

Additional Pairing Names

  • Senny(Sarah/Benny)
  • Benarah (Benny/Sarah)
  • Barah (Benny/Sarah)

Barah Moments

My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie

  • Benny called Sarah a "substitute babe-o-sitter"
  • Benny, surprised to see Sarah babysitting instead of Erica, quickly popped his fake vampire fangs into his mouth, completely speechless. 
  • After Sarah asks the guys if they really need a baysitter, Benny responded with, "Depends on what you mean by need...", and winks at her in a flirtatious fashion.
  • Benny berated Ethan somewhat for driving Sarah away only minutes after he'd shown up.
  • Benny tells Sarah, whom of which is wearing sunglasses due to the sun, that she's, "Lookin' good.", despite the fact that he was about to rip on another group of vampires for donning the same accessory. 
  • Saying that he might also possess the power of foresight, Benny attempted to grab Sarah's hand just as Ethan had seconds earlier.

Three Cheers for Evil

  • Benny said, "Cowabunga!", when Sarah stepped out in her cheerleading outfit.
  • Benny playfully suggests that Sarah should join the cheerleading squad in order to keep an eye on Erica.
  • Benny, like Ethan, tried to follow Sarah into the girl's locker room. (Though he may have been following due to the fact that Erica was in there as well).

Three Geeks and a Demon

  • Benny calls Sarah "hot" while the demon is possessing her fledgling vampire body.

Double Negative

  • Evil Benny hits on Sarah after pulling up in his go-kart.
  • Sarah asks if Benny's okay after the fight with Evil Benny.

Fanged and Furious

  • Benny says,"And your babysitter is a hot Sarah...."

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