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Benny Weir is the loud and goofy best friend of Ethan Morgan, who is born as a Spellmaster, a person with the power to cast spells and use magic. He often gets into trouble with his antics. He is a student at Whitechapel High.


Benny has been Ethan's best friend since they were children. While he is just as brave and strategically clever as his pal, Benny admits that in his case it only applies to video games. Benny's dream is to one day make it big as a sorcerer or wizard, paranormal expert, and babe magnet. He discovers that he is a spellmaster right before the Dusk III: Unbitten advance screening when his Grandma Weir gives him a spellbook and Ethan some daggers. He is similar to Ethan, being geeky and book-smart. He and Ethan understand each other better than anyone else, although Benny is more funny and outspoken than Ethan while Ethan is the more serious and sarcastic one. Benny often tries to lighten the mood when things get too intense. He is girl-crazy and frequently drags Ethan into his schemes, getting them both in trouble. Despite that, Benny is a genuine friend to Ethan and is always ready to go on another adventure. He is similar to Ethan, book-smart with an encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction, comic books and video games. Benny often struggles with how to most effectively use magic but practices daily to improve. In season 2, it's his second year in Whitechapel High and is still continuing his skills as a Spellmaster while surviving typical High School challenges.


As a Spellmaster, Benny can cast spells, and make potions like a wizard. His skills, however, work mostly incorrectly and miss, as a large number of his attempts don't work the way he intends, for instance he once accidentally turned Ethan into a werewolf (Blue Moon). His skills with potion making is shown to be better, as they normally work. However he is generally best with simple magic.  He also possibly possesses the ability to sense other spells, for instance he could sense that the cheerleading chant was actually a spell in Three Cheers for Evil.

However in season 2, following a lot of practice he gets better at magic, mastering more complex spells such as erasing memories, knocking others unconscious, and reversal spells.


  • His favorite type of coffee is the fictional half-caff low fat latte mocha chino no foam and a half-caff low fat latte mochachino.[1]
  • He is also a fan of the Star Wars franchise, as shown in the film when he pauses to acknowledge the vendor's vintage Star Wars shirt during combat with vampires.[2]
  • He used to be afraid of robots when he was six.[2]
  • He had/has a crush on Catwoman.[3]
  • He was/is afraid of Cyberdontist.[4]



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Benny and Ethan have been best pals for as long as they can remember. They are two geeks who are in High School including Rory.  


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Rory is Benny and Ethan's best friend. No matter how geeky Rory can be he is always the geek other geeks call a geek.  


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Benny has had a crush on Erica since the film. Erica doesn't appear to have feelings for Benny due to him being a nerd and that she only dates popular guys, although he " finds Sarah hot " and "couldn't stop thinking about it." he seems to prefer Sarah to his best friend, Ethan.  


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Benny considers Sarah as highly attractive or simply "Hot" although Sarah seems slightly interested in him, she doesn't considers Benny as her "Soul-Mate" however Erica is Benny's real main love interest on the show. Sarah and Benny maintain a friendship throughout the show also because Erica knows Benny is head over heels in love with her despite her turning him down every chance he gets.