Gender: Female
Age: 17
Professional Information
  Student at Whitechapel High
  Martial Arts Club
Friends and Family
Jen, Rachel, Ms. Fine
Love interests:
Benny (while under a spell)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Smells Like Trouble
Portrayed by:
Megan Hutchings

Brie is a character who appeared in the episode "Smells Like Trouble".


Brie is the lead member of the Martial Arts Club at Whitechapel High School. When Benny spilled the love potion, the club was the first to smell it and the first to fight back. Brie came into Ethan's house through the back door, planning to corner them. She's shown to be very determined, at least when driven by revenge. When the potion back-fired, she shouted, "I hate you Benny!" then threw a knife at his picture. She had a baseball bat which she tried to kill Ethan with, but she ended up knocking herself out.