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Season One is the base for the following of the story in the film and it itself is followed by the Second Season. Ethan has a long term crush on Sarah, who hints at liking him back but prefers to be friends. Benny has a lot of short term crushes, including Della, and a long time crush, Erica, who once kissed him under the influence of a love potion. Rory likes Erica, who once almost kissed him to get him to shut up, and once dated Debbie Dazzle though she was just using him. Also, Jesse is in love with Sarah and proposes to her, but she doesn't like his thirst for power, and Erica is intrigued by him, which he uses to his advantage. Erica also has a crush on David, who thinks she's a stalker.

The following is a list of episodes from the first season of My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Series. Please note that these episodes are listed as they aired in the U.S. on Disney Channel. They are not listed as they aired in Canada on Teletoon or Télétoon (French). 

S1E01: Lawn of the Dead
S1E02: Three Cheers for Evil
S1E03: Blood Drive
S1E04: Guys and Dolls
S1E05: Double Negative
S1E06: Friday Night Frights
S1E07: Smells Like Trouble
S1E08: Die Pod
S1E09: Blue Moon
S1E10: Doug the Vampire Hunter
S1E11: The Brewed
S1E12: Three Geeks and a Demon
S1E13: ReVamped

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