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Coach Ed talking to Benny.

Coach Ed was the best coach of Whitechapel High School and the last coach to ever win a trophy. He is portrayed by Clé Bennett.


Coach Ed has a muscular build. He has an Afro style haircut, with mustache and small beard. He wears a grey shirt with the school logo on the front, red pants, red sweat bands, black sneakers, and a sports whistle around his neck.


Coach Ed becomes a ghost and stays in the school's last winning trophy for 30 years after his death. He is accidentally awakened by Ethan, and he tells Ethan that he will not leave him unless he helps win the school another trophy. Benny attempts to get rid of him using a spell, but seems to have little effect other than making him angry. He shows Ethan a vision of the future where he has ruined everyone's life. After Ethan witnesses this he agrees to help the Coach win a trophy. The coach helps Ethan beat Kurt "the Hurt" Lochner, the best wrestler in the state. However, as Ethan wins through unorthodox means, he cancels the deal. Afterwards, he is returned to the netherworld by all the nerds he tortured while he was alive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Alternate Future Display - As a ghost, Coach Ed had the ability to mess with Ethan's Seer powers, showing him a vision of an alternate future where he never left Ethan's side and ruined his and most of his friends lives.
  • Magic Resistance - Coach Ed was shown to be resistant to magic, as he was hit by one of Benny's spells, but it barely affects him.
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Tangibility Interplay