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Cyberdontist is a character from a movie which Benny is afraid of. When Benny was trapped in a pocket


dimenson, it was inhabited by him, representing his fear of him.


Once in the pocket dimenson, Cyberdontist caught Benny in the lunchroom, where Benny tried to dispatch him, but he proved immune to Benny's powers, and chased him through his dimension, planning to kill him with his arm tools.

Ethan managed to pull Benny (and Sarah) into his own Pocket Dimension, this however also brought Cyberdontist into the dimension with him, where he teamed up with all the other pocket dimension villains. The three of them managed to loose him hiding in a class room.

Together, they confronted him, while Sarah held him in place, Ethan and Benny bambared him with a series of logical paradox's causing him, to over load, in the confusion, Sarah found his offswitch and turned him off, dispatching him.


Cyberdontist, was incredibly strong, as Sarah struggle to hold him back, he also had a series of denist based weapons attached as an appendage. He was also immune to Benny's magic (presumably as his Grandmother who made, him was much more powerful than him).


  • Its stated by Benny's Grandma they were never in any real danger, so presumably he wouldn't have been able to kill Benny if he tried.
  • Half computer as Benny stated when they were hiding from him.