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Dirk Baddison with Erica.

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Erica flirting with Dirk

Dirk Baddison is a movie star that plays the role of a vampire from the movie Dusk.

Season 2

Dirk first appears in person at Whitechapel High School during Welcome Back Dusker. Ethan originally fabricated a rumor that Dirk would appear at their school in hope of luring Sarah back to Whitechapel because he was worried about her. Much to Ethan's surprise Dirk actually appears at his school and he is immediately ambushed by a bunch of screaming fans that all want his autograph. Erica manages to get through the crowd

Dirk and Erica at Whitechapel High School.

and she takes him with her. Erica even goes as far as to bring him to The Vampire Council when Sarah sought an audience with them to plead Ethan's case when he was accused of killing vampires in Whitechapel. He is later seen on television telling people that vampires exist. Everyone thinks he is crazy saying vampires exist and is currently receving medical attention



  • Until Welcome Back Dusker he had no idea that vampires were real.
  • Anastasia seems to be a fan of him.
  • People know him because he stars in the film, Dusk.
  • He did other movies as Hamlet.
  • His surname, "Baddison", is an obvious reference to "Pattinson". "B" and "D" are phonemes really close in pronunciation. In American English, "T" usually changes to a more "D" sounding phoneme (such as "beautiful" sounding "beaudiful"). The same exact thing happens with Pattinson --> Baddison.