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General Information
Nickname "Ethica"
Intimacy Level Friends(Romance not likely to happen due to Ethan's crush on Sarah and Benny's some sort of crush on Erica)
Started Friendship My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie
Friendship Status Friends (Even though Erica dislikes him in Season One/Two)

"Ethica" (Ethan/Erica) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Ethan and Erica. Ethan and Erica aren't very close at all, they get along better and are shown to be semi-friends in season 2 despite her still being bratty and unkind to him. This pairing is unlikely considering the fact that Ethan has a huge crush on Sarah, Erica's best friend. We have reasons to assume that Erica likes Ethan a little more than she is letting on, but this pairing is nowhere near romance. 

This pairing mainly rivals Etharah, Bennica, Rorica, Bethan, Jerica, Gorica, Erik, Jethan, Rothan, and Sarica

Ethica Moments

Welcome Back Dusker

  • At the beginning of the episode, Erica calls Ethan, which implies that she has his phone number.
  • Ethan says that some of his best friends are vampires and then says "Erica and Rory," saying Erica's name first even though he seems to spend more time with Rory and has known him longer and that despite her often being rude to him, but  he considers her one of his best friends.
  • Later in the episode, Erica calls him again. Ethan asks if it's Sarah when she calls him and she replies "not quite," in an annoyed voice, possibly jealous.


  • Ethan asked what happened to Erica when she came over.
  • Erica tells Ethan about Sarah's gassy overeating problem

Village of the Darned

  • Ethan and Erica are walking next to each other.
  • Ethan looks concerned when Erica falls down.

Siren Song

  • Ethan and Erica have a mostly friendly conversation when Erica tries to get Ethan to do her homework. Ethan doesn't fall for it and instead mocks her hypnotizing voice by saying "Erica, no. ", showing that he isn't afraid of her like most people.

The Date to End All Dates

  • Erica seems opposed to the idea of Sarah and Ethan dating, though it could be more due to Sarah being her friend.
  • Erica helps Ethan with his date with Sarah.
  • Erica recommends that Ethan and Sarah have their date at a certain restaurant, the same one she happens to work at.