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Evil Benny.

Evil Benny was the evil copy of Benny that was created with his Grandma 's magic camera. He appeared in the episode Double Negative. He also appeared in The Date to End All Dates for a few seconds.

Double Negative

Evil Benny was created when Benny wanted to get revenge on Hannah Price (really her evil double) for dumping food on him, so he went to the darkroom where he took a picture of his butt with the magic camera. Evil Hannah developed the photo which created evil Benny.

He was pretty much the complete opposite of Benny, although like the original Benny, he liked to hit on girls (even Sarah), and had a passion for go-carts, but unlike Benny he stole things including a go-cart.

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He was destroyed when he was fighting the good Benny in the bathroom. Evil Benny was about to finish Good Benny off, but Sarah came in at the last second and knocked him out. Then, Benny flushed the photo negative down the toilet, destroying him.


  • "I may have to frame that one."
  • "Geek, lose the attitude snuggles, I don't like taking orders."
  • "Stolen camera, stolen souls, locked best friend in a room...this was a good day."
  • "I think evil Benny needs a worst friend, say um...oh no."