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"Rory's on the move. And fast. He's either flying or he's on that truck!"
Benny and Ethan, Blood Drive(Or both, I could just imagine him hanging off the back and flying.)
Rory First flight
Rory when he started flying

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Flying is a unique ability known only to Fully Fledged Vampires. It's their ability to defy gravity and move anywhere in or through the air. When Vampires fly, they fly like airplanes, they can fly very fast if they want to.

In one episode (Lawn of the Dead) Rory picks up Ethan and takes him to Della's by flight. At the end of another episode (Blood Drive), Erica and Rory were going flight practicing. Sarah first uses this ability, after becoming a Fully Fledged Vampire, in the episode ReVamped. This was her first time flying, since Fledgling's can't fly. Rory is very bad at roof landing and in one episode (Three Geeks And A Demon), he falls off the roof of Ethan's house.