My Babysitter's a Vampire Wiki

Full Moon Fever is a My Babysitter's a Vampire game on the official Disney Channel website.


Main Screen

One day while walking the school hallways, Ethan accidentally bumps into the janitor which gives Ethan a vision. He discovers that the janitor is a werewolf who plans to turns the students into werewolves to add to his pack! The janitor has already infected many students and when the next full moon comes, they will turn into werewolves! In addition to his werewolf pack, he has already recruted vampires, zombies, and ghosts to fend off anyone who tries to be a hero! Ethan, Benny, and Sarah must find a way to cure the students and stop the jantor werewolf before he turns Whtechapel High in to a big werewolf den!!!


Level Select

You have four levels:

1. School Gym.

2. School Halls.

3. FootBall Field.

4. Parking Lot. (Or as Benny likes to put it; Boss Level!).


You move your charecter with with either W, A, S, D, or you're arrow keys.

Character Swappin and Abilities:

To swap between Ethan, Benny, and Sarah you use the C key on you're key board. Each character can preform a unique special attack by pressing the X key.

Infected Students:

To heal infected students, gather all the cure's ingrediants then bring the completed potion to the infected students. When you have healed all the students on the level, you may go to the exit.

Benny (Top), Ethan (Bottom Left) Sarah (Bottom Right)

Attacking Enemies:

Move the curser over the enemies and click the left mouse button to attack.Ethan will throw stakes,Benny will shoot plasma beams, Sarah will attack with vampire strength.

Special Abilities:

Benny: Healing.

Ethan: Charge Attack.

Sarah: Super Strength.

To do a special ability press the X key. Note: WithEthan's charge attack, move the cruiser over the object and THEN press X, other wise you will go the wrong way!

Sara's Special Ability

Pick Ups:

Health Pack.

Cure Inrediants.

Rapid Fire.

Monster Repeliant.

After You Win The Game