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Erica trying to hypnotize Ethan

Hypnosis also known as Glamouring or Compulsion is the vampire ability to implant suggestions into others' minds. It is a rare and powerful ability that only a few possess. Seers have been shown to be more resilient, but not immune to at least some forms of mind control.

Vampires refer to this ability as 'glamouring'. Only old and powerful vampires (such as Jesse) possess this power. Younger ones do not. But with age some vampires get this power.


Season 1

Erica hypnotized

It has been shown that some vampires can control the minds of others. It was first introduced when Jesse uses this on Erica in the episode, "Re-Vamped." Sarah snaps Erica out of the trance by head-butting her.

At least some witches also posses this power, as the Witch Stephanie used it to control Sarah and Erica in Three Cheers for Evil. They were able to free them from it, by using Enchanted Pom poms.

Season 2

The ability was also shown by the Mayan Sky Queen Lucia, who using it was able to enslave the majority of males at White Chapel school, in her plan to bring back her love, the Sun King, and end the world. With this form, it was possible to free the person by causing them to come into contact with moonstones, as they represented the Moon Goddess, Lucia's enemy.

The powerful demon, and keeper of the key to the underworld Muladvarp, also used mind control, using mini donuts to spread her spell. Any adult who ate one was given the unfightable desire to leave, while any child would become her mindless minion. This version was so powerful, that even Benny's Grandma was unable to resist it.

When abandoning Whitechapel, the Vampire Anastasia, used Glamouring to force Erica and Rory to go with her, she had to constantly use it on them, as they kept snapping out of it though. Vice Principal Stern also used mind control on Benny, first to make him tell him everything, and secondly to turn him on Ethan, Sarah and Jesse so that they wouldn't interrupt him.


  • Of all the characters, Erica is the one that has been hypnotized the most, as she has been hypnotized on three separate occasions by three separate characters. But was she able to "galmor"

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