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Jacob was a mechanic who made Manifried Bruner's race car. His spirit later possessed the car.


Sometime before making the car, he became a Vampire, and as such Bruner tried to fire him. He stole the car, and drove off, but crashed it into a wooden fence, which impaled him thus killing him. His spirit possessed the car, and attacked Bruner's family, before laying dormant for years.

Later while car shopping, Ethan sat in it, causing a vision, his psychic energy reawaken the spirit, who first devoured a nest of squirrels in its engine, then followed Ethan, then began attacking Bruner's descendants, and sucking their blood, using it to regenerate his powers. Benny tried to exorcise the spirit; however it proved too strong, and left them.

Ethan formulated a plan to defeat him, using Bruner's last descendant that Jacob hadn't attacked yet, and blood to lure the car after them, where they first tried to deflate its tires. However this didn't stop it, but Ethan formulated another plan, while Sarah, Erica and Rory hold it in place, Ethan took the last of the blood, they replaced it and it chased him up a ramp, causing it to flip onto its back, where they defeated it, when Sarah stabbed it with a giant stake.


He was able to possess the Car he died in, and was able to imbue it with some of his vampire powers, as such he was able to regenerate any damage that it gained. For example, when Rory smashed his fist onto it, creating a great dent, it fixed in seconds. He was also smart enough to develop a way to convert blood into energy as shown by how he built a blood-fueled race car.