Jesse surprising Sarah

Shipped Characters

Jesse and Sarah

Length of Relationship

About two weeks


Broken up; Enemies

Start Date of Relationship

Pre-MBAV: The Movie

Ship Rivals

Jerica, Etharah, Barah

Jarah is the pairing of Jesse and Sarah. They were once a couple until Jesse, a Vampire, bit Sarah, making her a fledgling and causing her to lose interest in him. Although when Erica came into the school the day after she turned into a vampire and lip locked with Jesse, Sarah seemed heartbroken.

Jesse returned in Re-Vamped after being brought back from the dead, and tried to get Sarah to become a vampire. He succeeds, forcing her to save Ethan from becoming a fledgling.

Additional Pairing Names

  • Sesse
  • Jesarah

Jarah Moments

My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie

  • Sarah said Jesse was her first kiss.
  • Jesse went to Sarah's school.
  • Sarah and Jesse were seen to be dating.
  • Sarah went to Jesse's party.
  • Jesse waited Sarah to come to the party with him.
  • Sarah broke up with Jesse.
  • Jesse bit Sarah turning her into a fledgling.
  • Jesse replaced Sarah with Erica, Sarah's best friend, probably to make her jealous.
  • When Jesse and Erica kissed right in front of Sarah, Sarah turned around with a hurt look on her face.


  • When Jesse returned, Sarah was terrified.
  • When Jesse covered Sarah's eyes, Sarah automatically guessed that it was Erica, but instantly knew that it was him when he spoke.
  • Jesse said there was nothing left for him in Whitechapel but Sarah.
  • Jesse said they made a great couple and Sarah agreed, saying that they were until he bit her, meaning that if he hadn't bitten her then they might still be together.
  • Sarah said she's not going anywhere with Jesse.
  • Jesse bowed at Sarah when he was leaving saying "Next time, my fair fledgling".
  • Sarah told him to wait so she would know where to find him.
  • He visited Sarah at Whitechapel High School.
  • Jesse bit Ethan so that Sarah would save him and become a full vampire.
  • Jesse succeeded and quickly left, knowing that Sarah was now exactly what he wanted her to be.