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"Hey there, handsome."
Erica to Benny while under the effect of the potion[src]

The spell Benny cast in the bottle.

In the episode Smells Like Trouble, Benny creates a love potion to help Ethan get a date with Sarah. The potion contains part of Ethan's dad's cologne, pheromones of the user, and the urine of slugs, though it requires a spell to be completed.

The potion seems to have a fast and actively strong effect, getting Erica and Sarah to almost immediately fall for the boys, when seconds before Erica was calling Benny a geek and a dork. The potion also seems very strong as it influences all the girls, and even female teachers in Whitechapel High School by blowing through the vents. Unfortunately for Ethan and Benny, it turns out the more the girls love the boys from the potion the more they will hate them for breaking balance from the potion. This is proved to be true as all the girls that adored Benny and Ethan begin to plot and attempt to kill them. The potion wore off eventually and seems to have lasted about 12 hours. Ethan said that they loved them for about six hours so that they would hate them for about five more. Under the potion Erica kissed Benny. Under the potion Sarah says she loves Ethan and he attempts to ask her out and she says, "Of course, Ethan. I love you.", and kisses his cheek. The spell is as stated, "Medacatis, armanack, slagoa, slagiet."

Benny creating the potion

Sarah under the spell

People Affected

Both Erica and Sarah under the spell.

Erica kisses Benny under spell