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Passive Power


Perceive the presence of ghosts and spirits

Mediumship is the ability to percieve and communicate with spirits and ghosts. It is a rare power, as ghosts are naturally invisible and inaudible. Only Seers(and possibly other psychics) possess this power, it so rare, and ghosts are surprised when others are able to see them.

It is a natural ability and not one that can be turned on and off.

List Of Users

Ethan Morgan

Grandma Weir (possibly)


First example was in Friday Night Frights when Ethan Morgan was seen communication with a Coach Ed that wanted Whitechapel to win another trophy.

Later on, in Fanged and Furious, Ethan is again able to percieve and hear the ghost, of Jacob, when he accidentally reawoke him, with his psychic energy.

Ethan used the power once again in Mirror/rorriM, where he was able to percieve Olivia Frye, when trapped in the mirror.