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  • I live in South San Francisco
  • I was born on March 3
  • I am Male
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  • FreshTV said there will not be a seasons 3 to the show. Someone is posting fan-created season 3 info at Season 3 and removing well-referenced info about the decision to not have a season 3. Suggest that the Season 3 article be locked as is the Season 2 article to prevent addition of hoax info. Or delete the article completely and prevent creation.

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  • You online?

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  • hey whats up

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  • Hey admins! The wiki's popularity has grown since the Season 2 premiere and I think it's time for us to have an admin meeting! The meeting will take place in the chat. We need these meeting so we can make decisions together! As admins, we are all a team. We will discuss things such as:

    • Situations on the wiki such as
      • Inappropriate comments
      • Unorganized pages
      • Pages that need to be developed
      • Pages that need to be made
      • Pages that need to be deleted
      • Inappropriate users and/or wikia contributors
      • And more!
    • Ways to make the wiki more fun and interactive
    • Things to add to the wiki
    • Ways to make users be able to contact admins ASAP
    • New admins
    • Adminship
    • And anything else admins have to discuss

    The procedures will go as followed:

    • There will be an admin host(s) of each meeting. (Host(s) will be chosen at meetings)
    • The host will choose 3-4 times and days for their meetings and send them to the admins.
    • Admins will reply back, telling which times and days they are available on.
    • The time that gets the most people will be the time for the meeting.
    • The host will run the meeting. The meetings procedures will be:
      • Host will take attendance
      • Host will start the meeting.
      • Host will pick an admin to share their topic.
      • The admin will share their topic to the admins and explain about.
      • Admins will discuss the topic and come to a conclusion.
      • The host, or any admin, should be jotting down all the ideas and conclusions.
      • Admins will continue to share their topics using the last 4 procedures.
      • Once every admin has shared, the host will review what they talked about.
      • The host will ask if there is anything else anyone wants to talk about.
      • Once all of that is settled, the admins will decide a very brief date and host for the next meeting.
      • The host will close the meeting.
    • These procedures will occur for each meeting.

    And the rules:

    • Each week, another admin must host a meeting.
    • Admins must attend at least 2 meetings each month (There should be at least 2 meetings each month).
    • Admins must tell the host admin or another admin in advance if they can't attend a meeting.
    • Admins who fail to attend at least 2 meetings per month will have one more chances. The third time you do this, you will be on probation.
    • Admins should bring a topic or something to discuss involving the wiki to each meeting.
    • If an admin misses a meeting, it is their responsibility to get the information from another admin or from the Admin's Page.

    So here we go! I'm going to give you guys a list of dates and times and you guys tell me which dates are suitable for you. These are not official admin meeting dates. They are just dates that we might have the meetings. The date that gets the most people will be the official date! Also, please let me know which time zone you're in.

    1. Friday, July 20, 9am PT, 12pm ET
    2. Friday, July 20, 2pm PT, 5pm ET
    3. Saturday, July 21, 11am PT, 2pm ET
    4. Saturday, July 21, 1pm PT, 4pm ET
    5. Sunday, July 22, 3pm PT, 6pm ET
    6. Sunday, July 22, 4pm PT, 7pm ET

    Please tell me which times you are available. You can refer to them by their numbers. These are kind of just an outline. Please everyone respond ASAP. Thanks guys! Bye! :)

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  • Here are a new set of guidelines. You should read them over and make sure you agree with them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Thanks and I'll be sure to ask for help if I need it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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