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Mr. Steiner




Early 40's



Personal Information

Children: Boltz (Creation)


Ethan (formerly)

Benny (formerly) Boltz


Hockey Coach at Whitechapel High and mad scientist


Ethan Benny Erica Sarah Rory

Mr. Steiner was the Whitechapel Hockey Coach, and a mad scientist, who made the monster Boltz.


With the help of a graverobber, he made Boltz out of the parts of the best Hockey players who had died in Whitechapel and used the Eye of Zartek to bring him to life, thus giving him a ruthless, unstoppable, unaturally strong monster as a player.

However, despite his strength and power, Boltz was still lacking in intelligence, however Ethan, who had also joined the team, pointed out several ways he could succeed, which won them the match and led the Coach to realize that Ethan's brain was the final component he needed. He lured Ethan back after the game, and kidnapped him, taking him to his laboratory, locking him up, and planned to cut his skull open and take out his brain.

He first recharged Boltz, and was about to operate on Ethan, when the alarm went off, alerting him that Sarah, Erica, Rory, and Benny had arrived. He sent Boltz to dispose of them while he continued the operation to remove Ethan's brain. While the others took on Boltz, Sarah decided to look for Ethan, and eventually found him in the coach's lair.

But Mr. Steiner, whom of which had hidden himself prior to Sarah's arrival, was able to stun her by creeping up from behind and smashing a helmet attached to wires on her head, electrocuting her, and seemingly knocking her out. However, she recoved, just as he was about to begin, and did the same trick to him, apparently killing him.


He orginally appeared as a helpful and supportive coach, however, he was later revealed to be a madman, who was obsessed with winning, thus why he built Boltz. He seemed to think he was justified in what he was doing, as long as  it meant they were winning, and claimed that Ethan would be fine, his brain would mearly be in another body. He was also somewhat obsessed with hockey, and took in hockey terms even when not acting as coach.


  • His name and practices are a joke of Dr. Frankenstein.