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Ms. Fine
Gender: Female
Age: Late 30s
Hometown: Whitechapel, Ontario
Professional Information
  Teacher at Whitechapel High
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Benny (while under a spell)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Smells Like Trouble
Portrayed by:
Amanda Parsons

Ms. Fine is an English teacher at Whitechapel High School and she appeared in the episode Smells Like Trouble.


Ms. Fine noticed that Benny was receiving extra attention from the girls in his class. She didn't approve of his grade and decided that he needed a study partner, prompting all of the girls to volunteer. When some flowers were delivered for Benny in her class, she inhaled the potion and became enamored with Benny also. When the potion reversed, she supplied the other girls with weapons to avenge themselves against Ethan and Benny. She was seen wearing a shirt with Benny on it. Later in the episode, the shirt had an X across it. She appeared in Smells Like Trouble.

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