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Niamh Wilson
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Niamh Wilson




March 9, 1997 (age 15)


Val Mudrap

Niamh Wilson is a Canadian actress.She played Val Mudrap in episode Village of the Darned.


Niamh Wilson began her career while only in preschool. Only weeks after signing with an agent she landed a role in a Warner Bros. pilot, Chasing Alice, playing the title character as a young girl. While the pilot did not result in a series, the experience served Niamh well as she moved on to work in commercials, TV and film. The 2005 Lifetime TV original movie Haunting Sarah was Niamh's first challenging role. Director Ralph Hemecker remembered Niamh from his pilot, Chasing Alice, and cast her as a young girl haunted by the spirit of her cousin in this supernatural thriller. The result won Niamh a Best Supporting Actress in a MOW Young Artist Award in 2006. Niamh turned the tables in her next role -- this time playing a trapped spirit who haunts Gabrielle Anwar in the feature film The Marsh. Many hours were spent every day in the makeup chair preparing Niamh to look dead. Although the role had limited dialog, it called for significant emotional depth. Niamh credits her work on The Marsh as a time when she really grew and developed as an actress, in good measure due to the support of Anwar and director Jordan Barker. 2006 was a busy year for Niamh, with work in Saw Ill, a regular role in the short lived CW series Runaway, and two Lifetime MOWs. Niamh Wilson lives outside Toronto, Ontario with her parents, two older brothers, two cats, a dog and the fish adopted from the MOW Uninvited. She attends French Immersion school, loves to draw, camp and travel.