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The Popcorn Lady and her "hot" shirt.

The Popcorn Lady in the movie theater was Benny's brief love interest in My Babysitter's a Vampire:The Movie.


She first appeared when Benny ordered some popcorn from the candy counter, which was conveniently being sold with garlic butter. She used this fact to her advantage during the vampire attack, throwing popcorn at the onslaught of vampires, and seemed to be holding her own against them. At the same time, Benny was fighting the vampires with his sunsaber in front of the counter, and, during a pause in the action, noticed her shirt, a vintage Star Wars t-shirt with the words "Use the Force," of which he clearly approved. He informed her that he found it "hot," then kissed her, and told her to keep a watergun loaded with holy water to "shoot anything with fangs," and stumbled off. He mentioned to Ethan later that he had given her his address.


  • She is also appears in the series, but now as a different character however also is Benny's love interest, Della.