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Princpal Hicks
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 40's
Professional Information
Major: Teaching
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  My Babysitter's a Vampire (film)

Principal Hicks is the principal of Whitechapel High School.


Principal Hicks seems to think Ethan and Benny are geeks, which he briefly refers to when they are caught for rewiring the P.A. system to a ghost alarm. He seems to like gardening, calling a privilege as a punishment, though none of the students appear agree with him. He loves to golf, he is seen playing golf in the hallways. He is a caring faculty member concerned about his student's well-being. He was turned into a zombie in "The Brewed". He also appears in the game Humans vs. Vampires on the team vampires. He seems like he doesn't want anyone to worry, as he stated that the "special effects" in the movie were due to faulty 3-D glasses.

Season 2 Biography

Say You'll Be Maztak

Coming soon.

Village of the Darned

While at school and talking to Ethan and Benny, he doesn't know where the students are going. But when he ate the donut he walks away and Ethan & Benny found out that where is everyone is going.

Independence Daze

In Ethan's dimension, when Ethan gets Principal Hicks' cup he can hear Principal Hicks talking in the real world telling Rory and Erica to get to class. Then Ethan is trying to help Principal Hicks but he doesn't know who's talking in his cup.