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General Information
Intimacy Level Somewhat Friends; Small Crush (on Rory's part)
Started Friendship My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Movie
Friendship Status Somewhat friends

Rorica (Rory and Erica) is the romantic pairing of Rory and Erica. Erica is annoyed by Rory and doesn't show any affection for him but he seems to like her, though he will hit on any other girl. Rory loves Erica.

This ship is currently rivals. Ronny, Bennica, Sarica, Rarah, Ethica, Erik, and Jerica,

Rorica Moments

Blood Drive

  • Erica realises she needs to recruit someone's help to steal blood from the blood truck and asks Rory.
  • Rory accepts the offer from Erica.
  • Rory follows Erica's instructions about not telling anyone about their plan.
  • Rory tells Erica she's the red cinnamon heart in his sculpture because she's "red hot."
  • Rory cleans and presses Erica's laundry for her and mentions how soft it feels.
  • Rory calls Erica "hot stuff," but she tells him not to so he changes her codename to "sweet cheeks."
  • When Rory finds out that he and Erica are trapped in the blood truck for "who knows how long" he is enjoying it as he says, "You and me, together... in a small space, surrounded by blood. Hecks yeah, I'm enjoying it"
  • Erica says she would do anything to shut Rory up. This made Rory smile with excitement.
  • Erica and Rory end up almost kissing in the back of the blood truck (however, Erica only did this to shut him up.)
  • After they leave together, Erica slaps Rory, hard.

Guys and Dolls

  • Erica is asked by Sarah to ask Rory out in an attempt to foil the plans of Rory's new doll-girlfriend Debbie Dazzle. Erica doesn't want to, but does so for Sarah. When Rory turns Erica down, she seems annoyed by it. Though probably only because she was angry that a "geek" turned her down.
  • Erica growls at Debbie when Rory turned her down for her.

Die Pod

  • Rory tells Erica he will download the band's new music video for her.
  • Rory says he and Erica will "interface" once he gives her the video.
  • Rory said that Erica looks pretty and Erica doesn't get annoyed.
  • Erica says she's on a date and Rory thinks she means with him; but Erica is quick to insult him and tell him she is on a date with someone else.
  • Erica returns to find Rory getting taken captive by a plant and he tells her to save herself. She quickly obliges, leaving Rory with no attempt to save him.
  • The next day, when Erica asks for the video Rory refuses to give it to her because she left him to "die". She "flirts" with him (in an attempt to get the video) and he gives it to her, asking if she'll go out with him now, but she says no.

Fanged and Furious

  • Erica employed the aid of Rory to help her hotwire and steal Ethan's car.
  • Erica seemed to trust Rory.