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Sarah Vivian Fox is the leading female of the series. She is the babysitter of Jane and Ethan Morgan. Sarah was bit by her vampire ex-boyfriend, Jesse, but she refused to feed on humans and remained a fledgling, while hoping to find a cure and become human again. However, in ReVamped, after Jesse bites Ethan, she saves Ethan from becoming a vampire by sucking out the venom in his body and ends up drinking his blood, turning herself into a full vampire. She is a junior at Whitechapel High in Season 1, and a senior in Season 2.


Barely anything is known about Sarah's childhood life. She has been close friends with Erica Jones since before the movie's beginning, and seemed to be a very typical junior in high school, with Erica referring to her as "a good girl [with] straight A's [who is] always nice to everyone."[1] She was also apparently a fan of the Dusk films (or a "Dusker"), although not as much as Erica, and was regarded as both beautiful and popular by Benny and Ethan before their friendship with her (although they believe Erica is strange as she is a Dusker).

The course of her life changed when she was bit by her then-boyfriend, the vampire Jesse, who transformed her into a fledgling. While dealing with being a fledgling, Sarah meets Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir and the three of them defeat Jesse, who is revealed to be an evil cult leader with a plan to feast on the blood of the residents of Whitechapel, Ontario. Since Sarah refused to drink blood, she remained a fledgling; although this would normally lead to her death after 30 days as a fledgling, she states she is able to survive thanks to Benny's grandmother Evelyn Weir, who provided her with a human blood substitute.[1] She also is seen to feed on small animals such as rats as a fledgling.

Sara remained a fledgling until the season one finale ReVamped, when she sacrifices her remaining humanity to prevent Ethan from turning into a fledgling by sucking out the venom from where Jesse bit Ethan.

After a few months of traveling around between the events of seasons one and two, Sarah returns to Whitechapel for a new school year.[2] In the time that she was gone, Sarah was seemingly able to accept her status as a full vampire, although she is still adjusting to it, particularly in dealing with the The Vampire Council.


Ethan Morgan

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Sarah with Ethan

(Best Friend 2010-Present; Boyfriend 2012-Present[not confirmed])
Ethan is one of Sarah's best friends. Ethan is known to have a crush on Sarah, and Sarah has also shown some affection for Ethan, if just caring for him as a friend. and saying things like his she once said that Ethan smelled good, though she was referring to his blood, which Ethan said back (Blood Drive). She has never called Ethan insulting names such as dumb, unlike her relationship with Benny, who she does insult.[3] When under the influence of Benny's love potion, Sarah says that she's Ethan's girlfriend, that she loves him, and that Ethan is cute.[4] In the finale of season one, Sarah bit Ethan to save him despite the fact she would get turned into a real vampire.[5] This shows that Sarah does care for Ethan, although she often denies this. She also allows Ethan to hold her hand while taking him home,[6] and compliments him, calling him a fashionista[7] and a romantic,[8] and telling him his blood smells good.[3] When under the influence of Tunguuk's Mask, as Jakeward and Rochelle from Dusk, Sarah and Ethan almost kiss before the mask is destroyed by Benny (as El Merlo Loco).[9]

In the season two finale, Ethan and Sarah go on a date, after Ethan acts on his feelings and asks Sarah out.[10] They became a couple for a short period of time, going to a date at a fancy restaurant at which Ethan has made reservations. The date ended when the guardian of The Lucifractor attacked them and they were forced to face the threat, a situation Sarah humorously commented on repeatedly. In the finale, Benny's Grandma also remarks to Sarah and Ethan that, "Sarah is the one [Ethan] want[s] to protect most," and, "whatever teenage nonsense is going on... [they] care about each other."


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Sarah being surprised by Jesse

(Boyfriend 2010-2010; Friend 2011-Present)

Sarah went out with Jesse when they met in the Dusk fan club. At some point in their relationship, Jesse revealed that he was a vampire and bit Sarah, turning her into a fledgling; this causes Sarah to lose interest in him.[1] In the episode ReVamped, Jesse returns asking Sarah to join him once more, which she declines, almost staking him in the heart in the process.[5]

Erica Jones

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Erica and Sarah

(Best Friend pre-2010-Present)

Sarah and Erica are best friends, and have been since before the start of the series. Although Sarah is mad at Erica when she becomes a full vampire and works with Jesse,[1] the two make up and are friends throughout the series. Sarah tries to prevent Erica from harming others by feeding on their blood, while Erica tries to convince Sarah to drink human blood and become a full vampire (before the finale of season one).

Benny Weir

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Benny and Sarah

(Friend 2010-Present)

Benny and Sarah become good friends when Benny helps Sarah defeat Jesse and the other vampires.[1]

Rory Keaner

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Rory and Sarah

(Friend 2010-present)

Rory and Sarah are friends.

Powers and Abilities

Sarah about to use her superhuman speed to take Ethan home

  • Superhuman Speed: She has superhuman speed which allows her to run much faster than humans.
  • Superhuman Strength: She has superhuman strength, even fledglings can kick and toss fully turned vampires across the street/room as shown when Sarah kicked Jesse down the street.
  • Superhuman Healing: She can rapidly heal any cut, burn, scar, bruise, etc. in a matter of seconds.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Her vampire sense of hearing is much greater than a human's.
  • Superhuman Smelling: Her vampire sense of smell is far greater than a human's.
  • Superhuman Agility: She has superhuman agility.
  • Super Reflexes: She has super reflexes which allows her to react faster than a human's.
  • Flight: She has the ability to fly.
  • Fangs: She can extend and retract a pair of fangs from her mouth that allows her to feed on the blood of humans and bite other people to turn them into vampires.

    Sarah (Pilot Film)

  • Levitation: She has the ability to defy gravity and rise in the air.
  • Expert Combatant: Sarah is a formidable fighter as she was able to fight fully transformed vampires and other supernatural beings with great dexterity.


  • Sarah's hair is black in the film and second season, and brown in the first season. Her hair in the first season appears to be a wig.
  • Even after turning into a full vampire, Sarah chooses not to consume human blood.
  • In the episode "Mirror/rorriM", she said that when she was a little girl, she dreamed about being a movie star, but this dream is impossible now that she doesn't show up on camera.
  • Sarah's actress, Vanessa Morgan, said that if she could choose Sarah's last name, it would be Fox. Although this has not been confirmed within the show or by the production, since Sarah has no other last name, it is accepted as canon.

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