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Seers are a special sub-species of humans beings with unique supernatural sight that enables them to receive visions of the future, the past and the present as well as relevant knowledge of the object they touch.

Powers and Abilities

A Seer's primary ability is premonition, the psychometric ability to glean information from most any subject via sensory integration e.i. touch or sight. When a Seer receives a premonition, their eyes glow bleach white until the vision ends. While experiencing premonitions, they are unable to observe what is in front of them. In order to utilize their powers, they need to touch or experience a person, place or thing with a supernatural history or any paranormal energy. During the vision, they receive any particular knowledge about the object or person they come in physical contact with. Their abilities can go to the object's origins and purposes. For a supernatural being, they learn about the being's past, present, future or intentions.

According to Benny's Grandma, a Seer's powers start to manifest around puberty, but it is unknown where they inherit their powers from. Although their powers activate almost unexpectedly, there are cases when they willingly receive visions. Also, Seers seem to be telepathic to some extant through this power, shown when Ethan gathers more information than shown onscreen, which would explain that visions are simply more than images.

Ethan getting a vision

They also seem to possess the ability to see ghosts, as Ethan was the only one who could see Coach Ed, or the Spirit tentacles of the ghosts of the nerds he tortured in his life.

Seer's are also more resilient to at least some forms of mind control than humans or supernaturals, as Ethan was able to resist Lucia's powers till she directly targeted him. Their visions can also liberate them, as shown when Ethan's broke her spell over him. They are also more resilient to Possession, at least by ghosts.

Seer’s powers also develop to the point where they gain telepathy, and can go inside someones head (it is unknown if they can do this to other species) to communicate with them and to also sense their emotions so long as they have some kind of residual link to connect them with, like physical contact or through a personal belonging/connection. Like premonition this power is also activated through touch, however it seems to be activated at their will rather than by the person. Ethan does not gain this power until The Date to End All Dates Part 2. Rumor has it that Seer's can obtain other psychic abilities like Telekinesis, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Known Seers

Ethan's first vision

  • Ethan Morgan: Ethan Morgan is so far the only Seer in the series. He received his first vision when he touched Sarah for the first time. As he learns to understand his power, he uses it for good.

Ethan's third vision