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The Spirit Speaker is a magical Oujia board to interact with spirits from beyond. The board was contained in the Morgans' basement until Ethan found it. It is presumed that this board was used by the Morgans' magical ancestors.

The board

To perform the ritual, the performers have to place two of their fingers on one corner of the board and then summon a spirit into it. The spirit that appears will then answer any question the performers ask.


Ethan reading the rules.

There are prominent rules to play this game, and if a single one is broken, the results can be disastrous.

  1. Never play alone.
  2. Always finish your session by saying goodbye and wait for the spirit to leave the board.
  3. Do not remove fingers from the board until the spirit is properly dismissed. Failure to do so can have very Bad results.
  4. Dont ever ask. "Is there anyone out there who wants to talk to us?", as such an invitation tends to attract Bad friends.


This board first appeared in Three Geeks and a Demon when Ethan, Rory and Camryn performed for a fun time. They initially summoned a friendly female spirit who answered their questions openly, but after it was dismissed, Rory did two rules by playing alone and asking if there was anyone out there, and consequently summoned a demon into the board.

Rory, Benny and Ethan managed to hold it off by placing their fingers on the board, but then it demanded they remove their hands. By following its orders and breaking the third rule, the demon escaped the spiritual realm and possessed Sarah. After a night of battling the mischievous demon and trapping it, the kids agreed to never perform a séance ever again.