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Stephanie is a senior witch. She became a villain in the episode Three Cheers for Evil when she tried to cast a spell on the entire school at a pep rally.


Stephanie bullied Erica, she tripped her up and broke her glasses. Erica's vampire transformation has her going for Stephanie's blood. Erica joins the cheer squad in hopes of revenge now that she considers herself stronger than Stephanie. However, Stephanie puts a spell on not only Erica, but Sarah, adjusting their minds to follow her directions. Ethan and Benny, mostly worried about Erica's motives, disguise themselves as Betty and Veronica, respectively and join the squad as Stephanie teaches a routine. Benny insists that he gets a "tingly feeling" whenever they practice the routine, and Ethan's vision proves that Stephanie is actually a witch casting a dark spell through the cheerleaders. Benny's grandmother gives the boys her high school yearbook, in which they find Stephanie, who knew Benny's grandmother and signed the yearbook with a symbol of immortality. Through a counter-spell and stepping away from the magic pentagram, Ethan, Benny, and Sarah unmask Stephanie's real age. Benny's grandmother comments on how people had bullied Stephanie, much like she'd done to Erica, but Stephanie conjures up a dagger. Benny's grandma quickly and easily puts a spell on her, returning her to her natural age. Benny's grandma also blocks her powers rendering her mortal, so she can't cause any more trouble.  She takes a position at the school as lunch lady, still bitter enough to spit in Ethan's food.


  • Telekinesis: She has the ability to move objects with her mind.
  • Levitation: She has the ability to defy gravity and levitate during rituals, spells, and witchcraft.
  • Spell Casting: She has the ability to cast spells.
  • Hypnosis: She has the ability to hypnotize people.
  • Telepathy- - she can read minds.
  • Magic- She can use magic to conjure anything or weapon.



Stephanie was the first witch other than Benny's grandma Evelyn Weir to be shown with powers.