My Babysitter's a Vampire Wiki

Sarah helping Benny keep the door closed with her vampire strength.

Rory using his super vampire strength to get Ethan out of his locker

"Is that a Fledgling power?" -Ethan

"Not a power, just a perk." -Sarah"

Ethan and Sarah discussing her vampire strength. Blue Moon

Superhuman Strength is the supernatural ability of superior physical strength. Those with superhuman strength are stronger and more physically powerful than any human, regardless of their age, gender, size, weight, or physical fitness. Vampires are known to possess this power. The only other know species known to posses this power are werewolves, who are about as strong as vampires.


Sarah, Erica and Rory use this power at various points in both the movie and in the series.

Cyberdontist was also incredibly strong; about as strong as Sarah. But he doesn't count as a species, as he was a creation of Benny's Grandma. (Independence Daze)

Boltz was also incredibly strong; strong enough to overpower two vampires at once. So far he is the only known thing that is stronger than vampires. He also doesn't count, as he was another artifical creation. (Jockenstein)