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Telekinesis is the rare and powerful ability to control, move, manipulate or break objects and people with one's mind. or with the hands. Only really powerful Vampires or creatures can have this ablity.

Old powerful Vampires sometimes possess this power, for instance in Re-Vamped, Jesse used this to open the doors so he could use his super speed to leave.

The demon that possessed Sarah in Three Geeks and a Demon could use telekinesis, but to a much greater level, able to make objects around it float, or shake regardless of there weight.

Some Ghosts such as Coach Ed also possessed Telekinesis.

Witches, like Stephanie, possess Telekinesis like when Stephanie closed the doors just by looking at them in Three Cheers for Evil. de Hottie Ho-Tep also possesed Telekinesis, but not to the same level as the previous examples.

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