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Ethan using the Lucifractor.

The Lucifractor is a very powerful magical object.

It looks like a purple orb. Its origin is unknown, but it has powers to drain the dark energy that vampires need to survive. If a vampire holds it or gets too close, their power starts to drain.

As well as vampires, it can drain all forms of dark energy, thus making it able to destroy anything that is or uses dark energy. Although its power can be concentrated on one being, it can also be used to attack many targets at once, such as when Ethan accidentally knocked down a room full of vampires, while examining it.

It also seems to have the power to corrupt those who hold it, and tempt them to use its powers to their will.


Two hundred years ago, a powerful sorcerer tried to use the Lucifractor to drive every vampire out of Whitechapel, however, Jesse confronted him and managed to defeat him in battle. Jesse took the Lucifractor and hid it in the old Darkwood Hotel, leaving a special monster behind to guard it.


In modern day, it was rediscovered by Benny and Rory, (who were also chased by the monster) taking it to Ethan, however the monster arrived and attacked Benny. Tapping into its power, Ethan managed to destroy the monster, but while marvelling at it, he acciendentally activated it again, sending a pulse of energy that knocked down every Vampire in the room, including Sarah and Rory.

Tempted by the power, the next day Benny encouraged Ethan to let him borrow it, however realizing it was to dangerous, Ethan refused, and the two began fighting over it, as such, it was confiscated by Vice Principal Stern. Unfortunately, they were unaware Vice Principal Stern really was a vampire hating, evil wizard.

Now with the Lucifractor, Stern waited till after his day ended, and then using it, stormed the Vampire Council, killing every vampire in his path. He planned to use the Council's Beacon, to beam the Lucifractor's power all over Whitechapel, and kill every single vampire. However he was confronted by Ethan, Benny, Sarah, and Jesse. Using the Lucifractor, he tried to kill Jesse and Sarah, but Ethan snuck up behind him, and using his new power of Telepathy, he manipulated Stern into trying to absorb the Lucifractor's power.