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The Vampire Council is the governing body for Vampires.

Season 2

The council is not officially seen until season 2. After Re-Vamped Sarah becomes a Fully Fledged Vampire and then disappears from Whitechapel for an undisclosed amount of time. Upon her return to Whitechapel (Welcome Back Dusker) it is discovered that there is someone attacking Vampires in town. It is automatically assumed by the Vampire Council that Ethan was to blame because the first killing was in his backyard and the second one in front of him. The Vampire Council sends vampires after Ethan in an attempt to bring him to justice. They first approached him at school in an attempt to bring him to the council. This was after their failed attempt to coax information out of Sarah about the person irresponsible for killing vampires in Whitechapel. It was at this point that they were attacked and killed by strange green mist. Ethan later appears at the Vampire Council and it is at the council that it was revealed that the one responsible for the deaths of the vampires was an unknown sorcerer having the power to conjure something known as the "Breath Of Death." After being found innocent the council decides to let Ethan, Benny, Sarah, Rory and Erica leave in peace.

The symbol

Known rules 

  • Vampires can't take food from other vampires.
  • Vampires can't reveal themselves to humans. 
  • Digging up corpses in order to extract any leftover blood can result in severe punishment.


The council was mentioned during season 1 though it was not officially seen until season 2. They seem to be somewhat impulsive as they were willing to kill Ethan (And also Benny) without concrete evidence that they were the ones responsible for the recent string of attacks on Whitechapel vampires. One of the members of the council seems to be a fan of the Dusk star; Dirk Baddison.