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I'm not dreaming, I KNOW RIGHT!

Ugghh I can't believe it's already over!!! There were so may Ethrah moments. :)) Benny and Rory were, as always, really funny. :)) I laughed so hard a couple times I was afraid I would wake my mom, haha. Like, when they smash the locker Ethan's in, or, when they're at the vampire council and they say that they're there to save each other, Benny said: We're here to save you, too.

I thought it was so cute when Ethan was worried about Sarah. He felt guilty. :)) He played the scene over in his head. I melted from the cuteness. Also; THEY FREAKING HUGGED! I forgot to count the seconds. But it wasn't really a normal-friendship-hug. Also, some dudes called Ethan Sarah's boyfriend, wich she first not replied on, but then yelled "And he's not my boyfriend"! ( I thought, yea, for now! )

The last scene I enjoyed sooooo much!! Etharah!! :)) I have new hopes for them. Ethan, Benny and Rory are waaaay cuter then before, and I thought that wasn't possible!! OMG! :D

Sarah is adjusting to being a full-blooded vampire and learning to play by the rules of Whitechapel's Vampire Council, while Ethan refuses to give up on his dreams of curing vampirism. However, Ethan is being blamed by the Council for a large number of dead vampires over the past weeks, and his friends soon discover they have a mysterious new enemy determined to wipe out all the supernatural competition in Whitechapel. Now, they have to act fast to clear their names and protect the Council from an evil spell called The Breath Of Death.

So, The Breath Of Death goes "into" Ethan. I love it when Sarah screamed her usual 'ETHAN!' and ran to him. :)) He attacked Sarah, while he could attack Erica or Rory. Also Dusk was really funny. The guy had pictures of Erica and him, but of course she didn't show up. Guess he didn't do research before coming to Whitechapel, huh? Haha! :D My friend fell asleep while I was watching MBAV. So, I'm alone now. I'm gonna check my twitter, some pages on the wiki and then go to sleep. After all it's 3:15AM.