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  • I live in the netherlands
  • I was born on September 5
  • I am she/her
  • PinkStrawberryTwilight

    Welcome to this quick author's blog. I'm hereby saying that it's freaking 3:46AM in Holland and that I'm almost falling asleep. I'll grab my iPod and get a quick drink from downstairs. [ It's not what you think! ] Anyways, get you fangtastics on for tomorrow's Vannessa's fang picked episode and of course the season premiere. :)) I'm staying up late to watch it. Just like I've been editing this wiki for the past 3 hours. Hahah. Well, good night for everyone who reads this, or, good day, evening, bla bla bla... :))

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  • PinkStrawberryTwilight

    The big day is coming up, the big day is coming up! *dances* Tomorrow, people TOMORROW !! My heart has grown two sizes today I think. I want you to know that my first language is not English. That's why nobody has to interrupt me while I'm watching My Babysitter's A Vampire, otherwise I might throw something to your face or something... So yeah, I'm kind of like a vampire when I watch this series. But without the fangs and stuff. Now, I went searching for awesomness on the fanfiction site. And I found this :)) :

    NORMAL PEOPLE, Vs. MBAV Fans! Post this if you are a fan!

    NORMAL PEOPLE: Think geeks are ugly and weird.

    MBAV FANS: Will hang out with every geek around, knowing they could find a geek like Benny, Ethan, or Rory!

    NORMAL PEOPLE: Aren't …

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  • PinkStrawberryTwilight

    Sarah and Ethan. Ethan and Sarah. Etharah. That's the only thing I have been thinking about the last weeks. Oh and of course the second season! That's where today's blog post is about! :) [ And, psst, a little peek in my personal life. ]

    It's freaking FANGTASTIC! A haunted car, a creepy girl, alligators, ETHARAH! Ethan's dream is so cool...! [ Enough with the Etharah madness. ] Let's dig deep into my personal life. Not too deep. I ordered clothes and awesome glasses and the FIRST SEASON of the series online! W00T! That's pretty awesome! :] My eyes are going to be stuck to the televison for hours when I put that DVD in my television, for sure. Now here comes the sad news... iCarly is ENDING.... My childhood is almost over! But this show wipe…

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