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Vivian Keaner
Gender: Female
Age: Late 30's
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Whitechapel, Ontario Canada
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Unknown Husband
Rory (Son)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Siren Song
Portrayed by:
Marsha Mason

Vivian Keaner is Rory's Mother, She first appeared in the episode Siren Song. She is portrayed by Marsha Mason.

Siren Song

Vivian is talking to Rory on his cellphone while Serena is playing her song.

Vivian is later seen at the school talent show, sitting next to Benny's Grandma  talking her ear off about how excited she is to see Rory play with Ethan and Benny's band, Muse-o-tronics. During the performance she shouts "Pop and lock, Honey!"

She is affected by Serena's song and tries to attack a fellow audience member.

According to Rory she doesn't know that Rory is a vampire, and if she did, she would ground him for a month.


  • According to Rory, she can really "Throw 'em."
  • She thinks Rory is really talented.
  • She thinks Rory will become a veterinarian when he grows up, as he often goes to the animal shelter, unaware it is for meals.
  • She brags a lot.
  • She doesn't know that Rory is a vampire.


  • "Yeah! Pop and Lock, Honey!"

    Rory, Vivian's son.