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Ethan in the middle of becoming a werewolf

A Werewolf is a type of monster that, through a majority of the time, is human. When the full moon rises, however, their bodies contort and change into ferocious, bloodthirsty, ravenous monsters, retaining razor-sharp claws and teeth and possessing a strong urge for the taste of human flesh.

It is possible to become a werewolf if a victim is bitten or scratched by one in its wolf form, although Benny acidentally turned Ethan into one with a spell (and, possibly, help from the scratch of a werewolf-like creature in its human form.) As shown in their beastly state of mind and body, werewolves gain unatural strength and durability, as observed when it took all Sarah's might to restrain Ethan in his process of morphing into one.

There was a cure for lycanthropy, but it was used entirely in the midst of saving Ethan.

Vampires and Werewolves are both said to be natural enemies against one another. It is also shown that werewolves, even in their human form, are more agressive toward vampires.

Encounter with a werewolf

Suspecting their newly aquired, forced-friend, David Stachowski, was a werewolf, Sarah and the gang tried to check if their assumptions were true, first with a spell from Benny that accidentally hit Ethan, and then by Ethan grabbing David, causing him to have a vision of a werewolf. Suspecting it to be him, and now worried that the scratch he received would change him into a werewolf too, Ethan panicked as the countdown to a full moon drew near.

It was then revealed that David was aware of his curse, and was hoping that Ethan, being a Seer, would be able to find a cure, which he did. However, as Sarah wanted it to cure herself of vampirism, they didn't give the potion to David. Soon, however, it became clear that it was Ethan who was actually changing into a wolf, quickly noticed when fur sprouted out just before the full moon. Realising it was his spell that hit him earlier, Benny tried to correct it.

However, Ethan still changed, and almost ripped Benny to shreds before Sarah force-fed him the antidote, curing him. It was then revealed that David wasn't a werewolf, only similar to one, rather turning into a harmless dog during the full moon than a wolf.