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Vice Principal Stern, a powerful wizard

Wizards are supernatural people who can perform wizardry in the form of casting spells. Wizards are seen to be incredibly powerful as in the case of Vice Principal Stern. Their eyes glow purple when they use their powers as seen in The Date to End All Dates.

Powers and Abilities

Being individuals who specialize in magic, they are able to cast spells and unknown if they can brew potions, like Spellmasters.  Wizards can also throw fireballs, as seen in Independence Daze, and perform greater feats of magic than Spellmasters like the Breath of Death.  Wizards are also able to control someone's mind, manipulate Seer's visions, fire balls of energy, shoot violet beams of energy, curse others so they are stricken with fear, knock out others, erase memories, and breaking into pocket dimensions.  Vice Principal Stern was also noted to be the most powerful thing they ever faced, even more powerful than Grandma